Krk island

Exploring Krk island
29. April 2018.
Sea kayaking Krk island
9. May 2018.
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Krk island

A few words about the Krk island…

In addition to Cres Krk is our largest island, located in the north of the Adriatic, clustered in the group of Kvarner islands, which stretches between Istria in the west and the Croatian Adriatic Coast in the east. It has long been considered that Krk is the largest, but the last measurements show that both islands have, surprisingly, the same surface!

Krk is an island of rich cultural and historical heritage, but also rich and diverse nature, all of which provides a unique opportunity for life and development of the economy, especially tourism.

If you want to know a bit more about Krk, join us on excursions… Welcome!