Things to do or how to experience something new

Sea kayaking Krk island
9. May 2018.
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6. February 2019.
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Things to do or how to experience something new

What things to do on Krk island ?!
So you are on Krk island and do not know what to do?
Beaches are crowded and you are looking for something new …

Adventure sounds nice?!
Hiking, sea kayaking, kayaking, cycling, walking, zip line etc.
Let us take you to mountains, national parks, to rivers or to explore coast… choose something you find interesting and contact us !
Check our Day trips and if you do not find something interesting please fill our Tailor made trips questionnaire. We will do our best to find adventure, outdoor activity or experience for You!

We suggest sea kayaking !

Explore the coast of St. Marko island and paddle under impressive Krk bridge, go for 3 hours sea kayaking adventure away from crowdedness.
Find out some more about Krk bridge sea kayaking tour here.

Adventure awaits!